Reviews for "Bill Cosby Pokemon Rap"


Y'know... this kicked some ass. Seriously. Good job, just work on your animation skills and try to get an extended version with am MP3 download link. That's pretty much all I have to say except:

Where in bloody hell is the Easter egg?


i'm slightly confused yet impressed also

You may have animated it but.

The mixed song came from YTMND, just some YouTube guy decided to steal it.

Just go to YTMND and search for "Dr Dre Ft. Cosby" the site was made in 2006. Give credit to studged for making it.


i really liked it really it was gd good song wel made up and stuff so mr. fifve belongs to u


Meh... Sorry, but I don't think the animation was that well done. It had it's moments like I totally didn't expect Mr Crabs to pop up. But that's about it.