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Reviews for "Shirt N' Pants"

Makes me wish i wore pants today.

I won't even bother saying this is a really short piece. you made it. of course you know its short. I'm giving you an 8 based solely on the art style. Fluid and awesome. good for you. To me newgrounds is an art site. Its not about length. I's rather see a 5 second quality piece than a 5 minute crap fest. Keep up the awesome sauce.


very fluid and easy on the eyes, coulda used some sound though

fat dude

i liked it
the shirt one made me lol


obviosely, saen never animated before, because if he knew how long and detailed a single frame of this animation, specialy the pants one, then he would have appreciated this more, of course this dosen't deserves a perfect score because it didn't have anything more then a shirt and pants, but hey, good job anyway


I could not have been let down anymore in life than I was from this. And I loved every second of it.