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Reviews for "Shirt N' Pants"


I think it's nice and clean. It is what it says it is, I don't know exactly what the fucking kids thought they were getting into. I think everyone around here expects a dumb ass video game character to make a cameo in every fucking cartoon. I think the big guy looked pretty funny, in a cool way. Thumbs up man.


That was epic!!! 2 animations, in 1 portal submission! I love you for that, Luis

I really liked it

Deserved a higher score.

But then, I like all your stuff Luis.

Also, thanks for adding me on FB!

I enjoy your responses

Waste of whose time? It took, what, 10 seconds to finish watching both AND load the movie! Jeeeeez... impatient people.
I animate, on occaision, although rarely finish things.
This kind of mini-thing is what I probably should do, just to get my skills up and such.
But bleh...


I believe the average Newgrounder knows how to dress up, but good do-it-yourself giude right here for those who have no clue what pants and shirts are for.