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Reviews for "Shirt N' Pants"

How the fuck!?

I'm sure you were as suprised as me that this made front page. I don't need to make fun of this, it wasn't rly bad or anything. But, I do need to know, WHY THE FUCK IS THIS HERE!?
Maybe people flashes are all shit, so a short double about clotheing is what rly got the people going.
Animation was, well, -
Never mind that.
I can't give this an honest review. I can't rate this, it's unratable.

good animated


nothing to get.

damn yomomma, you stupid, there is nothing to get... its a simplistic joke kinda thing... its like you see a preview for the movie and it looks fucking great but it turns out to be a 5 second clip of a guy putting on a shirt, and its lame as shit.

I don't get it.

Am I missing something? Is their some kind of deeper meaning to this? How did this make it to the front page?


wut was that supposed to even be about lol, but, i guess it had some good animation in it but it was realy weird so that i give u a 3....