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Reviews for "Shirt N' Pants"


i guess its kinda, something what it means but whatever i give ya 10

Sure, why not.

I think it's awful that people are giving this zeros. They're right about it not really being front page material. I'm giving you a review of 10 and a vote of 5 because it was really good, smooth animation, and I got a good chuckle when the fat guy tried to put on a baby shirt and fell over. I wish you would've done something with the pants though. Just because it's got no plot and hardly any humor, doesn't mean it isn't good. I'd like to see some actual stories with your animation. Lighten up people. It wasn't a waste of your time. Watch the fat guy exert himself a couple times. You may giggle a bit. And if ya do, then was it really a waste? I think something that makes you laugh even the tiniest bit is golden. So maybe you people should find something better to do than blam somebody's work because you can't appreciate it. Or maybe broaden your horizons so you can appreciate some more interesting things. Peace.


beyond the fact that it's simply just some smooth animation, theres no sound, nothing perplexing, hell, even the shirt one skips some frames as to when he's putting on his shirt. But really, isn't this just a classic case of Tom whoring out his butt buddies.

animation was decent, there was no sound, and there was no point at all, besides some stupid flash off faggotry.


OK I watched this about the second you uploaded it I don't really see how amusing it is, I watched again in perplex I just know it only got on the front pag e because "Luis made it" but I still don't see any points in your submission, theres so much animations that should be on the front page this is completely obsure!

k thats alright and everything but..

way the hell too short, no point...shouldnt be on the front page being so short...ok work tho