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Reviews for "Shirt N' Pants"


OMMGGG, I fucking love SHIRTS, and PANTS! It's almost like my two favorite things in one nice little package! Holy balls!

what the heck ?

your short animation looked alright, but what is purpose of this flash? sorry.

clever bastards

Animation was smooth, thats why you got a 7 instead of a 2.

You tricked me, but I will have my revenge....


okay this ain't no front page material imo BUT it was a smoooooth animation , the pants were better i like clean line art =)
good one , bye


No. Just... no. I'm speechless. Good animation, yes, but... For god's sake, WHY?! Why upload such a brainless piece of work to newgrounds? What was your porpose?
I totally miss the point.
And, more importantly, how did THIS make frontpage? Captain obvious in the review crew?

4 just for the animation.