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Reviews for "Shirt N' Pants"


It had the works! Great animation, beautiful soundtrack! the smoothest animation in like ever! the story just blew me away, one word.. wow..

Okay, nah. I just really really like smooth, frame by frame animations. And pretty funny, too. I wish I could pull something like that off in a few hours.

lol guys

Lol @ the idiots that think this is supposed to be some full animation. It's basically just an advertisement for the thread.

But both of those were really well animated.

Wow just wow

I was just thinking about the Awsome Faces last night ahd their he is on the Shirt and not the Pants Great work


Luis it was really strange, animation was nice but too short , and i did not enjoy it cause it was not funny maybe a litle first episode about fat guy and shirt it was nice idea.
But i have seen better stuff from you.

good animation

but not a very intricate idea. i dont know what you were aiming for but its not that new or interesting