Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"



-Gameplay: Great, I love the way each match started. And it was 3D!
-Graphics: 3D Graphics?! Total win.
-Glitches: There were no glitches so you win, sir.


-I didn't really see anything except for the AI.


-Maybe next time you could have the cars get items. like Mario Kart, and you could press spacebar to throw them.
-Also you could have online play
-Maybe even a look-back feature. That would be great!

Over all 5/5 10/10

I found it short and simple.

Just what I expect from a simply fun Flash game.
I can tell a lot of effort went into this, and the end result is pretty excellent.
Although a broader range of music would be nice.
Anyway, great job.

reminds me of one of my favorite games on N64

its pretty good. and very F-Zero X feel to it. pretty great graphics and i like it. 5/5

Retro Made Great

For a retro styling, this game plays like a smoother F-Zero. Polygonal shapes much like a Super FX Chip Game like StarFox. Just great!


I have never seen a 3D engine like this before in flash, truly a masterpiece 10/10.
to the people who say that they don't like the graphics, to simple or whatever, you try making a working 3D engine in flash -.-