Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"

very cool

Did you use papervision for this? Just curious. Beautiful piece of work. Just lacks variety/ I couldn't get past level one so can't say though for sure, but the first track was a bit monotonous. Racing games arent my thing but I know when I see excellence of its kind and originality. 10

That Was Fun

Really I enjoyed Playin This game But It Should Be Called Bumper Racers Because The Walls That You Always Run into bump you away and if you bounce at the Right Angle you will Bounce Back Into The Road Without even Turning Its a Really Cool trick
Note This is A Tip Use It

Vrum Vrum

I really liked this game, the graphics were good there weren't any glitches that I could find anyway. The one thing I kept finding my self wanting to do was shoot the other cars out of my way. Guns or rockets would be really cool. Over all really great game.

This game is pretty good!

Other than the cool background and the tracks, you vehicles do need a little more work! I like the game because it's slightly competitive, but not too much....

I believe you need more racers in there, with better settings and stuff too,
And you know in some racers you see that Separate track above in the Left or Right top screen, I like to look off on that because that's where your at and the others are at. Oh you should add more things too, like power ups, and people, you just have empty stands, they look like pre-qualifiers, I wonder what they actally would look like, maybe characters sort of like the ones off of Jak X

I don't know, but I see great potential to this game!!!
it is now a fav. of mine!!


you don't see good 3D-ish flashes often ^^ it'd be nice if you made it a little more complex though, like having to brake instead of just letting the gas go but, I can't make a simple flash game so ya XD