Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"

This was amazing!

I've never played anything so smooth that was a 3D racing game before. Very nice work making this. Great use of background music. Great work with this game. It would be cool if it were possible to race other people online or something.


Great work! It reminds me of F-zero as mentioned below and soon enough above. For 3-D on flash the graphics are nothing but Grade a quality. But hud could use some improvement but that aint enough to mark you down a star!

lots needed!!

it could use custom colors to switch the looks of the car and an option to make a custom race track probably even loops or a huge field to practice and screw around even weapons to buy after you win each race? obstacles.... ooh grenade gun, flame thrower different speeds of a boost upgrade health, shield practice mode trophies if you get in 1st 2nd or 3rd like other racing games, areas where you could fall off options to change the controls, ((DOES IT HAVE A PAUSE BUTTON??)) maby for the next one, even look at items from other racing games and incoperate it with this one.... IT Rocks but it has some bugs its slow.. for the first few seconds though...


very fun, great graphics, but techno music was kinda lame

really good

i dont know why, but it reminds me of f-zero