Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"

Hard Work?!

Hard Work is an understatement my friend! You must have put many, MANY man hours into this project. It game out great, I'm seriously impressed!

Graphic wise, this game is groundbreaking!

but gameplay wise is ok. But it is just a basic racing game, i guess everyone expected it to be like a perfect wipeout clone.

One problem with the game is when you crash into a wall or a rival racer, you bounce everywhere and its difficult to regain control.


i dont notice any glitches or downsides in this game, its perfect :).if u make a version two, that would be insane


I have never seen a 3D engine like this before in flash, truly a masterpiece 10/10.
to the people who say that they don't like the graphics, to simple or whatever, you try making a working 3D engine in flash -.-


games awsome but sorta short