Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"


nice proof of concept :)


Not bad but oponent hover things should have the same stats as you can get on the same thing cause i had a green computer controled beating out my yellow on straight aways. add a couple more hover vehicles rto use and add a boost of some sort. Make the turns more of a curve than an angle and have more of a penelty to ypur speed for hitting walls, i hit a rediculus amount of walls in the 3rd track and still destroyed the competition. I plan to look for the second one but take your time and make it somthing really good.


Should have a mini-map up in the corner so you could know about other racers positions and upcoming turns. Also more vehicles would have been good, along with a brake button. The music was pretty lame too.

All in all an alright game that could be improved.


The acceleration/ deceleration rates in this game are.. non-existant. the entire race involves nothing but power and steering in the general direction of a curve. other that that, good graphics and such.


The game graphics are cool, there is a lot of room for improvement here, but hey, it's a 3D flash game, so I guess is more than complicated here, but there is no excuse not to put a progress bar of the map, or a map, a speedometer... a more interesting HUD overall.

The sound effects are nearly non-existant, no engine suond, no buttons sound, no narrator, there is also a lot of improvement room here.

The music fits more in a "Driving Miss Dasy" kinda racing game, it should be more oriented towards a futuristic sci-fi tecnological hovering hi-tech cars racing game like this one :P

The gameplay is very nice for this kind of game, I have played other racing games and this one is very good in that aspect. Comparing it to F-Zero or Wipeout is natural due to its theme, design, etc, so your game will always be "not as good as f-zero", kinda difficult to be objective here for most people. But objectively, the AI is not that good, this alowed you to pick the hiPower/lowHandling car and just go forward being a little careful not hitting the walls and win easily.

Street Fighter 3 New generation comes to mind, like Capcom always did, the next, and the next afert that one will be huge improvements.

Looking forward to to xpr2 (and 3) I expect to see boosters, kickass music, more sounds (!), more cars, characters, and maybe some story :)