Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"

its good but..

its way to easy make it harder and put more lvls, racers and opponents.


Heh, the graphics are great and all.. but the gameplay is really shoddy. The turns and bends are all sharp corners, leaving the player bouncing about. Even the cpus look funny when they suddenly turn 90 degrees. Another issue was the, I guess it can be called this, depth of field. You really can't seem more than what's immediately ahead of you -- in fact, there isn't even course mini-map anywhere on the hud. All in all, leaves me wanting to go back and play Wipeout 2097.

Kinda fun

Felt nice, smooth graphics and good presentation, turn response was poor and a bit hard though, turns were a lil sharp, just kind bounced off like a pinball sometimes. I like it, but it could be better. good job.


the turning physics were wierd...not what I'm used to while playing modern racing games anyway.

The guy inder me is a ass..

the game is pretti descent.. It feels good.. Some cooler lookin cars and tracks would of made this a hit