Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"


I felt that this game has more potential than actual...good stuff in it.
I didnt get past track one, because the first time I played I came in second, and the second time I played it lagged too much.
The game has a cool, accelerated feel to it, but it doesnt make up for the bumpy and uncomfortable driving style. Make a track without boundaries.
Also, the words "LAST LAP" were distracting. They should be smaller.
And lastly, a boost system would make things less...repetitive.


I hate race games, but i must give you a good score for the 3D graphics.

few, if any, complaints...

These are mostly just commentary, not critiques:

Simplistic graphics are offset by solid controls and game concept.

Beating all four tracks did not "end" the game.

Handling was easily abandoned for human perception - therein - turning early.

Overall: OK.


not my style it's a little bit lame ...

but a 7 for the making

It was OK

It's a pretty good game, but i would recommend a map so you can see the other racers, and more of a difference between vehicles. Also you could have some penalty for hitting the sides, because it doesn't slow you down and you can use it to your advantage. Unless you were trying to do that, then never mind.