Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"


wery smooth i mean WERY not often you pass trough one of these games
imo the handling was a biætch and it was wery hard 2 prodickt the next turns etc etc and that kinda pools it down a lot..

Fun, but clunky and easy

This was a fun game, and I liked the graphical design of it, but I do have one major complaint. The game itself was a little too easy. Admittedly, I was nervous most of the time when I was bouncing about, which happened on pretty much all of the circuits. But even when I was hitting the walls on every curve and driving the ship with the lowest handling stats I managed to get first place with little problem.

I would recommend either improving the steering system or making the enemy AI a bit more difficult. And some additional circuits would have been nice, as four circuits would get old after a while. But, despite these problems, I find this to be a good game. Nicely done.


all good i gues just abit samey


its a great game and alil short.

Nice start, go for great

ok that is a nice start, but you still have a long way to go. Some helpful hints on what to improve:

- Graphics obviously but special the racing track and the background. If they are nice, one colored hovers are fine too.

- Game mechanics, slow the game down a bit and create consequences for bumping the side. At the moment the best strategie is to thrust foward all the time because even if you bump on the sides the whole time you are a lot faster than you would be if you would slow down sometimes to catch the perfect path. It shouldn´t be that way!

- Fewer rounds and longer levels. 6 rounds is definitly too much.

Hope that helps, I really like the potential here. Also one last tip, try find another more addictive soundtrack ;)