Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"

Nice game

Look: 5/5 - Nive looking game, the 3d graphics weren't so good, but the background, it was PERFECT!!! That sun light special effect was just AWESOME. Those were truly worth a 5.
Sounds: 5/5 - Calm and relaxing music, perfect for this game. I just didn't like the bump sound.
Controls: 3/5 - Simple and necessary controls, maybe an brake / back moving button would help
Fun: 1/5 - There is the part that the game fails to me, it wasn't too fun, it was just the same thing over and over again, too easy, nearly no challenge.
Overall 3,5/5 - Nice game, just needs some improvements:
- Get a better bump sound... =P
- Make the car "power" make difference, because i didn't see any diference on the speed of the 4 cars.
- Make it more challenging.
- Make an multiplayer mode, so people can play with their friends.
- As theboss21 said, make some improvements, so you start with a car, and go on improving it.
If you add that, you can be sure that I will vote 5!
Great job!

Ok... but could be better...

I'd advise adding to this, as it could be amazing. Here's my problems with it, though... I understand having a fog to help with the rendering process, but the fog is too thick and actually covers the actual track. I get it's reasoning, but I think that you should have a map at the bottom of the screen to help a bit to know where you are, and where you're headed. The collision penalty should be a bit more than it is... it's pretty much cake to be able to defeat everyone as long as you have enough thrust behind you. Maybe up the speed penalty a bit, to give this some dimension. My last problem is the sound... I get the "futuristic" feel you want, but the music was just crap... it was annoying and repetative, and became frustrating VERY quickly. Also the sound effects felt very bland... the collisions sounded like billiard balls hitting one another instead of crashes.

This game could be great. But it needs some work.

where's the track

it would be easier to see the track....


it was a very smooth game and i like the way its likes it the game but it was hard to get into 1st i only got in second :)

very slick

but it needs more work. more levels, more cars, more opponents... upgrades, shortcuts, jumps... you get the idea.