Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"


concept was great loved it reminded me of the game from psp but you can die from to much damage being caused.. the only thing is i found that the red race in every race ended up in second even when i was yellow... also found that anything under 35 seconds is a 1st place win the jutting caused by the collisions is because you over controlled the handling a bit but in all its a very good game set up


I enjoyed this game, the graphics were very nice and the everything ran very smoothly. Although there was a lack of excitement, after the first race or two it's very easy to get ahead of the CPU, then things get very boring. Also there's alot of bumping into walls with the unlocked vehicles. A Xenon Prime Racing II would be great to see, a wider track, a map and other features would make this a really addictive game! :D


aint the best be nice if there was upgrades and armor you can buy to make car look cool and like account to log on and all that
paint your car multiplayer races? lol
but still fun for few plays
i won first time lawl

Pretty Good

I Was quite good,

If you ever make a sequel I would suggest a improvement might be a Hud cause I got a head of the cars and was in front 95% of the time & never could tell how far ahead I was from everyone else that made it kind of boring

Graphic yes..

Graphically all has been said, it's very awesome work. Not even a drop of lag too.
I would like to see a little more gameplay to it. Powerups, afterburners that kind of things to spice this game up.
I am litterally going in curly circles for the past 10 minutes.

I liked the music it gave that futuristic touch, I would however like to hear more vehilce sound to experience that I am actually going megafast.