Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"

awesome game

very fun..the music wasn't the best, but it got the job done..fix the "pinball" effect the last guy pointed out..and i noticed that on the 2nd and 3rd track it was saying i was getting passed, but i never saw a car go by..don't know if it was just my computer or what, but if others are having this problem please fix it..

awesome game, keep up tyhe good work


nice little 3D game here, better than any other 3D game ive seen on this NG..

really awsome

Its pretty good game but really needs more cars and some power ups to make it better. the graphics was pretty good.Great game anyway!


It was good, intuitiive and ran fast. But the AI were stupid as hell, they just ran into the walls for "Absoloubtly No Raisin".

and in response to sicknessinside, you did realize there was a next button ?


Awesome game, good graphics, great idea. just a suggestion, mybe you could add stunts, weapons, thruster pads etc.
keep up the good work