Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"

I really like it but theres a few things,,,

I think this game is definately a great start to a flash next gen,,, but to be specific about your game I think you really need to work on a few things.
- you bounce around off the sides a bit harshly
- you can't get too close to another char without bouncing,,, maybe minimize the hittest if possible.
- one race is kinda long i found with 6 laps,,, maybe if it was just 3 laps it would be more entertaining,,, faster reward = happier gamers imo.

other than that its great, loved it 8/10 5/5

was prety cool man

its awesome I like all the hard work you make for this!

nice work

very nice engine work.

Gameplay is nice but gets boring after a while.
This could be a Wipeout Flash version.
I would give you these tips for improvement:
-Make the colors more powerful.
-Add power ups.
-Make the course a bit wider.
-Slow down the vehicles acceleration a bit.

Although its great work man :)

ehh ok

a remake of f-zero for the gameboy but its alright. no strong feelings either way for this one


yea dude that was the bst thing n newgrounz lol
that was so awesome