Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"


not bad but poor in graphics and too easy
and i think also the should be less laps for each race,otherwise it becomes too repetitive
anyway the idea is very good...

Needs better physics

Because the was no traction at all. i know it was a hovercar but it felt really weird to play

This should have been daily 1st.

Being a hardcore F-Zero fan (as my works suggest) this really combines some of the greatest parts from F-Zero X and the GBA versions. I can imagine how hard this was, and all I can say is, great job.

Some kinks.

The animation was very good for a flash game, and it works well as a racer except that the course was a little chunky, causing me to bounce backwards from an invisible corner a few times, the race was a little too long, the billiard ball effect was tough to deal with, the camera couldn't keep up with me a few times and was staring at my door rather than showing me the road ahead, and it really needs a map and someway to tell you where the other cars are in relation to you.

Really good work.

3D and it is a good game, that is something to be proud of.