Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"

Xenon Prime...A world where physics don't exist!

I enjoyed this game, but it could use some improvements. #1: The laws of physics are absent. The car doesn't slow down when it hits a wall (could use brakes) and I'm pretty sure hitting a ramp would catapult me into space. #2: Waaaay too fast. Really, it has to be slowed down. Its too dim to see clearly when your speeding down the track at god knows how fast. I think those too improvements, if present in a sequel, would help the game a lot. Thanks for reading!


Just 1 track?


I hate race games, but i must give you a good score for the 3D graphics.


I liked it as far as the graphics, but when I'm moving to fast, I wont be able to see the track fast enough. Maybe the camera could've been higher up.

Boring, uninspired

Starting vehicles already overpowered. spending six laps as first and smashing into the walls 1000 times and still being first is just fail.
sounds were crap, music is totally not what you want when you are racing.
nothing here to make me want to play this again.