Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"


A little bit too simple and too vector-y, but otherwise cool!

A lot like WipeOut...

This reminds me of a game for PSP's called WipeOut... You have the same exact concept. Good game overall, and hopefully to the people who read this...THE DOWN BUTTON IS THE BRAKE. I loved your sun's effects on the screen :D ..but a little too simple if you ask me... I'm looking forward to seeing part2!!



In agreement with Njordy mostly

It was great just a few things:

Cars need a break
And the power should matter, frequently when I was the yellow car, the red car could pass me on straightaways.
Walls shouldnt bounce people like superballs, they should stop or slow down.

Nice game

Look: 5/5 - Nive looking game, the 3d graphics weren't so good, but the background, it was PERFECT!!! That sun light special effect was just AWESOME. Those were truly worth a 5.
Sounds: 5/5 - Calm and relaxing music, perfect for this game. I just didn't like the bump sound.
Controls: 3/5 - Simple and necessary controls, maybe an brake / back moving button would help
Fun: 1/5 - There is the part that the game fails to me, it wasn't too fun, it was just the same thing over and over again, too easy, nearly no challenge.
Overall 3,5/5 - Nice game, just needs some improvements:
- Get a better bump sound... =P
- Make the car "power" make difference, because i didn't see any diference on the speed of the 4 cars.
- Make it more challenging.
- Make an multiplayer mode, so people can play with their friends.
- As theboss21 said, make some improvements, so you start with a car, and go on improving it.
If you add that, you can be sure that I will vote 5!
Great job!


Man, this game is HARD!! You need mor fun in this game. Put like, at every race you earn money and that you can buy upgrades. you know what i mean. You have a 6 for graphisme. 'luck!!!