Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"

Very good

It's Really nice the Turning is Great with a bit of drift
the graphics where amazing with the chess Bord towers
and best of all no lag! it's amazing how the track deletes it's self then come back
and the Game Play was the best
but.... it was not fun to help you Play a game F-ZERO GX i LOVE that game but you have to add thing's like jump's, a guys face for every "car", a Minni map i know a bit hard, and like Xenon Prime coin's to buy cars and othere stuff, and a another bar for if you get hit how far will you bounce Thing like that but it's a Really Nice Game 5/5 10/10

few, if any, complaints...

These are mostly just commentary, not critiques:

Simplistic graphics are offset by solid controls and game concept.

Beating all four tracks did not "end" the game.

Handling was easily abandoned for human perception - therein - turning early.

Overall: OK.


I enjoyed this game, the graphics were very nice and the everything ran very smoothly. Although there was a lack of excitement, after the first race or two it's very easy to get ahead of the CPU, then things get very boring. Also there's alot of bumping into walls with the unlocked vehicles. A Xenon Prime Racing II would be great to see, a wider track, a map and other features would make this a really addictive game! :D

nice try

First the good things: graphics are amazing, no lag, and gameplay was fun.

Now for critics: i had no sense of speed or scale or where i was going. if you could put a spedometer in if there is a Xenon Prime Racing 2,and a map. The ships didn't seem to do what there power/handling stats said. i was racing as the blue car and on the straight aways the yellow was falling behind and green and red were staying par with me, the only time i gained on them was when i didnt carreen striaght into a wall like them.

For some small things that might add a little to the gameplay, mabye hazards on the roads or a damage meter so you might take care how many times you head straight into a wall. But thats small stuff, it's obvious that this took tremendous effort, if some of these things could be added in Xenon Prime Racing 2 then it would be a hit.


when u get used to the handles, u kinda appreciate it, but it takes a while
and not having an in race map frustrates, also more racers/tracks would be nice
and btw how is the peregrin not the fastest? lol