Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"


This was fun, but also really, really easy.
Maybe if there was more to unlock or timetrials or worldwide leaderboards I would have a reason to come back, but I beat the game once (in about 4 minutes) and don't think I'll play it again.

I do hope for a sequel though, as the minutes I spent with the game were enjoyable, and the controls, 3d engine, and collision detection were tight.
The AI wasn't bad either :)

Yeah, F-ZERO-esque...

It's a great game, but a bit short. Hey, during the second racetrack, after the U-Turn, look to the right in the sky. Doesn't that look like a side view of the Umbrella Corp logo?

nice graphic

sure it looks simplistic and outdated by today's standards but it's a flash game. what do you expect? the cars and concept do looks like it is inspired by wipeout series except that it is much simpler than any wipeouot games. they didn't stole barrel roll move, they didn't stole the items from the game, no nothing. simple old school futuristic racing game and i think that's creative enough. nice work andromedus. keep up the good work =)

very nice but.............javascript:submission_co

you need drifts or something. maybe multilayer. heres hoping for the sequel!


the effects were pretty good, the game had its good bits, so my final conclusion is 8/10 :D