Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"


good game, but it could use stuff like powerups and upgrades, and more sound effects. it would be cool if you could make your own car too!

really good

real good but i found it gets a bit boring

Graphic yes..

Graphically all has been said, it's very awesome work. Not even a drop of lag too.
I would like to see a little more gameplay to it. Powerups, afterburners that kind of things to spice this game up.
I am litterally going in curly circles for the past 10 minutes.

I liked the music it gave that futuristic touch, I would however like to hear more vehilce sound to experience that I am actually going megafast.


Cool ;)

Nice 3D. where did u make this? flash? or something else?

Just like the N64

Cool game man Graphics are just like the N64 so its awseome