Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"

[choose your own title adventure]

I like this. It's definitely reminiscent of F-Zero aside from taking damage and blowing up and all that stuff, though mainly I'm surprised how fast you were able to make the game. I always thought that render times with 3D graphics prohibited such online games from going over maybe seven or eight frames per second, so props to your programming or whatever you did to achieve that speed effect.

I do have to agree with a previous reviewer, though; there wasn't much of a noticeable acceleration/deceleration scheme, so I kept hitting the walls as I tried to turn, even on the simple snake segments.


tried 3d but didnt work.. hitting walls barely slows u down... and AI sucked


It was good, intuitiive and ran fast. But the AI were stupid as hell, they just ran into the walls for "Absoloubtly No Raisin".

and in response to sicknessinside, you did realize there was a next button ?


I couldn't select the track. I clicked on it over and over and nothing happened.


The acceleration/ deceleration rates in this game are.. non-existant. the entire race involves nothing but power and steering in the general direction of a curve. other that that, good graphics and such.