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Reviews for "Mario-Combat"

Make another. please.

This game kicked ass. The actionscript and everything else was perfect. If you were to make another, add a kick button, guard, and combo system. that would be PERFECTION.


beat it first time. someone said theirs a bowser glitch where he fires tons of firewalls instead of a few. i managed to dodge them all so it was quite a fun glitch cause i was all like shit!!!! but i did it!!! great game lookin forward to the possibility of a new one

Oh boy, oh boy.

So good and well-made that made me wish it wasn't as little as it was. Way to go. Nice game.

nice, dude

i thought it was awsome, addicting and well produced! although people say all you can do is press A rapidly, i disagree. after playing a million times, i found difficult advanced comboes.

IE* pressing A wait one second Press A to do a chop then Rapid A to do a ten hit barrage of chops!

also, my fav, pressing down A for an uppercut, waiting a split second, and jumping, pressing A for a two hit up down ground pound.

also, when it came to bowser, i liked how you made it so the fireballs wouldn't just go straight in front of him, you made the scatter randomly.plus, the less health he had, the faster, more rapid he shot out fireballs, plus he shot more as his health decreased! one last thing, it was cool how he did the jumping and smashing, bu i figured out that if you time it right and can hit him in the air, he flies up more!

overall, 10/10, 5/5


yo dude i only got one thing to say SEQUL SEQUL SEQUL!!!! i recommened u use more characters from the game like the green koopa troopers are stronger then the red ones and the goombas r weaker then the red koopa troopers and more bosses like bowsers 7 kids for the end of each lvl and bowser again at the end and make other characters avalible too like luigi and wario trust me every one who reads this is probably thinking the same thing. MAKE A SEQUL!!!!!