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Reviews for "Mario-Combat"

It okay

Its not bad, good idea but it needs to be expanded, you know more enemies, more moves, longer story... the basics


It's a fun game with lots of things too attack but there is lots of glitches and the "Fire Bowser" glitch kills you in 1 hit. XD

5/5 10/10 and favorited

you got a triple positive on this one my man, i dont see why you ditched this project and made it a simple minigame though, it has the potential to be a great game, much bigger then it is.

This was Awesome!!!

The thing I love about this game is beating everything up in it. One thing I did was truly amazing when bowser sends fire out of control! There was nothing that I could do since he was literally sending lots of fireballs at me. I say there were about 10 fireballs going of each second. I liked the glitch and it is keeping me wanting to play more.

Like everyone else here the game is too short, and this is a good concept of a real masterpiece here. Keep it up!

response to: tHe-0dDnEsS

what- tHe-0dDnEsS -said= First off, awesome idea. I'm glad to see the Power Star style of combat adapted to a game. It was a little too easy though. The only part I had trouble with was occasionaly sliding past the enemies with the running punch, and they always hit you before you can turn around, not hard really, just annoying. Also, it doesn't require that you actually defeat any of the enemies to continue, you can just run past them and hit the space bar at the end. Perhaps you could add checkpoints like in classic beat-em-up games, so you're presented with a group of enemies, and can't run past that section until you beat them all and get the "Continue" arrow or whatever. All in all great work. Also, what everyone else said... more enemies, more levels, more variety. If you do that you will have a legendary piece of flash on your hands. Keep it up man......what im saying to him=i think you talking about a side-scrolling game like the good ol' fasioned tmnt on the super nintendo or kind of like castle crashers...