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Reviews for "Planetoid - Original"


I don't know much about flash, but it looks smooth and sounds great :) I like the way you drew it.

5/5, 10/10

Gr Mjattie ;)

Fate responds:

You're lucky I know you spend so much time in the audio portal, otherwise I would criticize your lack of knowledge in the flash section :P
Thanks for actually reviewing it.
I hadn't been expecting it.
PS, my favourite song of yours is Piano echoes.
just to prove that I actually listen :P


Yea, so I too spend a bit too much time in the AP so I apologize for a brief and not so helpful review.

Awesome animation style. The graphics you chose were unique. At first I was all, wtf? Then as the story got going I think that it fit. The animations were smooth but I think the motions of the bodies could have been a bit better (maybe? I dunno just grasping at thin air here).

I think that the end had to be 20 secs more. I know you were constricted to the song and that's not necessarily your fault, but I think the story would have been much more powerful and complete had you been able to add the 20 secs.

Other than that, you hadda great story, animation, and overall flash. Me likey.


Fate responds:

haha, holy moly, this is actually your first flash review. D:
The motion of everything could have been a bit better, so i'll agree with you there.
Damn the twenty seconds.
I'll have another 4 episodes because of that 20 seconds.

You would've been the third musician, in a row, I managed to drink myself into a state enough to request you watch this, and I appreciate that you actually did.


The style was refreshing, not quite sure I followed the intended storyline though, but I liked what I saw. From beginning to end the quality(visual appeal) seemed to "up" itself as the story progressed- was this intentional?

Fate responds:

baha, yes. indeed it was


Yeah I really enjoyed that. It's nice to see an exploration of something like that without any dialogue. I was definitely moved while watching that, which is impressive. I liked the ending as well, even if you were not happy with it. Really enjoyable (Y)

Fate responds:

Well, I thought the ending was okay, but I didn't think the people of Newgrounds would appreciate it.
thanks for your kind words


The texture and animation is fine for a beginner, but the ending looks like to me a cliff hanger.

Fate responds:

You know the score.
mwa ha ha.