Reviews for "TentaDrill"


Beautifully indescribably Brilliant

Nice game!

I really enjoyed this. The ripples looked very nice, and the gameplay was extremely entertaining. Bravo.


Some of the best I've seen. Very professional, though to me at least it seemed a little easy. Maybe a hard mode with only one life? Boss AI might also benefit from a boost.

Only bug I saw: After reaching level 9, the EXP bar continued to increase, albeit extremely slowly; after beating the game with (more or less) 100% experience on each stage, I had one 'chunk' of experience visible while at level 9. You may want to fix that.

Anyway, again, truly excellent work. Simple, gorgeous, and pleasing to the ear.

good replayability

fun game..

good way to use upgrades to revisit old maps =)

thumbs up

ausum game

really good game AND GOOD SKILLS