Reviews for "Hamlet - Act Five"


Really good flash. Animation was good. Graphics were good. Auido a bit sketchy but worked! I don't know much about Shakespeare as my english class is just getting into it (9th grade honors), but it seems good. Good luck in the future and Keep rockin \m/

Laughing out loud.

This is absolutely crazy! I love it. It was just so random and hilarious and enjoyable and perhaps ye olde English play writers would turn in their graves to see it, but honestly it was so entertaining. Loved some of the text commentary and the random Pokemon battle scene was a real memory trip - had to laugh at that part. In this case I would actually say that the overly simple artwork worked in this submission's favor instead of against it; it just made everything seem more amusing. I have GOT to know what your English class thought of this - their reactions would have been classic. I hope you got a good grade - this was fantastic.

PeteGrammarman responds:

They all loved it. The teacher has been even been showing it to other classes apparently, Thanks for your feedback.


the sound effects THE SOUND EFFECTS!!!!! and the music. it all rocked


I have to make a hamlet media assignment by the 14th. :D
and this is awesome

Funny and educating (?)

Hey... got me good laughs and an awesome summary of Hamlet... hahaha Never got to enjoy the play, but this will do... ahhahaha