Reviews for "LL - Save the koalas!"

nice flash.

i cant tell if your being serios about saving them. but its pointless. humans are to stupid. all they care about is money and power and will do anyhting to get it. by war, cutting down forest after forest after forest after forest. they dont even think about animals. they might act like they do but all they care about if putting up new houses and malls to do what make money. but all they are doing is fucking the world up and killing off the animals. we need to hit the refresh button on the world.

LeafLock responds:

fight the power.

Lmao the Lock legion lives as does leaflock

lmao Leaflock you never cease to make me say wtf xD

I loved it
I'll definatly look into this koala bear problem :D

LeafLock responds:

thank you. your concern will sure benefit these lil' critters.


Its good to see some Legion members making flash.
Well done, also, use ease on your motion tweens, it makes things look alot better.

5'd, 10'd etc.


LeafLock responds:

thanks for the tip. ^^


''rogue whale vagina attacks'' I lol'd xD

LeafLock responds:

lol me too.

It was pretty cool imo

I always enjoy lock flash with a rich plot line.