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Reviews for "Red Code"

Such beutiful graphics

I love it. I love how its monochrome while still retaining some color.


omg this gamez cool...i was on lvl 21 until i was surrounded by those giant mAN eating grasshoppers and i was all like FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCC CCCCCKKKKKKK........but good game though...

Bloody Amazing

I had to quit because my click-finger hurt like hell but i played it for a long time go to level 20, most of my complaints were stated below except i skimmed them and didn't see anything about the lack of change when upgrading weapons, especially the Vulcan Cannon other than that, great game, make a sequel or 8


Its fun, looks pretty good and plays smoothly, but I did find that the lack of weapons wasn't good and that the weapon upgrading could have been more complex, more like upgrade weapon recharge speed or upgrade weapon damage. But it was still fun.

Not bad

I don't see how people complain about how hard this is. You heal overtime, and you can hold your burst fire for like 30 seconds and then wait for 5 seconds for the bar to fill up.

By the way, only upgrade the gun and the grenade. The others are pretty useless. Do not use shotgun because that uses up too much energy. Grenade whenever possible.