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Reviews for "Red Code"


great game. one main problem. the reload is too slow! ur stuck in the middle while ur grenade and ur gun is reloading with a thousand bugs coming after u. big prob

Good, but...

Should have replaced the shotgun with full auto and burst would be a 3 shot burst. I found the shotgun not very helpful where as the full auto mode was the best by far.
And there should be like vehicles/armor upgrades you can buy with the energy. That would be a good game nontheless, extremely difficult at later levels. 9/10 4/5


Its Perfect, no flaws, no gliches, and its fun. Although it is kinda boring after a while.


This game is just amazing! It's simplicity and increasing difficulty makes it so addicting. The ability to upgrade your weaponry reminds me of Nazi Zombies because the farther you go the better guns you get, thus adding another drive to get farther in this game.

this was hard but fun!!!!

man this was tottaly fun even if i only made it to level 7 i still had fun it does'nt matter if you win or lose it only matters if you have fun ;) (or if ur still mad >:( try harder dont hack this game hackas! >: > 10/10