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Reviews for "Red Code"

awsome game

i made it in 3rd place 1855 im hella good but its hella hard


As said before, repetitive but still awesome. Good graphics and an interesting concept.

TOO MUCH HEALTH!!! Enemies at first died nicely, not after about 7 or 8 waves. Too much lag after a little while, needs a in game graphics changer.

Not enough Dieing

I think you gave everything too much health or not enough damage. The fun part of a game like this is not to survive, but to kill, if everything had less health (including player and ship) the game would be much more fun.

great game

i love it and if you think its too hard try harder dont bash the game

Fun game. Too repetitive.

Pretty fun. It's repetitive but the challenge keeps it interesting. It's too hard though. The weapon upgrades are too steep in cost and too shallow in actual effect. The mothership turret is next to useless. It needs to have more range, and more power. The accuracy being crap is sensible if it's a bigger weapon, but it seems to be weaker than the hand held gun.

When you get hit by bugs you get knocked the opposite direction of where you're facing and the recovery time is ridiculous. If you are turned the wrong way, you keep getting knocked back onto the bugs and never get a chance to recover.

Burst mode is useless since rifle mode is nearly the same if you just click rapidly and no cooldown time. The graphics could be more interesting. Maybe change weapon fire color to indicate upgrades and make it appear more powerful as well. That'd help a lot. That's one of the reason top-down flying shooters are so popular, the weapons get ridiculously more violent looking which is enjoyable.