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Reviews for "Red Code"

Not bad.

Its fun and the art and sound is good and so is gameplay. Though the difficulty jumps way too high around level 8.

I forgot about the granades :P

To easy you say. Who wanna be kicked in his ass? Hm...! Who?? I lost the game at 8 mission. My Mother Ship was destroyed, and I stand on the guard on The End and shoot in these damn bastards, but I failed and was killed by them. Fuck!!!
Game is awesome. By the way, I FORGOT TO USE GRANADES :P

its to easy

make the mosters harder to kill

It's okay

Your swarmed way too much, your upgrades are not nearly powerful enough.
but the biggest problem is the difficulty changes way too fast for it to be fun

good game

really great game the new style of defense game is quite interesting, the diifference in it compared to other games is also really nice.