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Reviews for "Red Code"


Not sure what everyone else is talking about, I was coping fine till about level 13, I finally died at 15 though it was partially because I got distracted.

Good game, wish it had more weapons or at least improved on weapons (Personally, the cannon that you can control was way underpowered and useless, especially at the end of the game).

i agree

it is an excellent game and youve done pretty much everything right... but theres like a wall you hit once you hit lvl 10 where the difficulty is just way too high. another problem, kinda minor though, is the ships manual cannon doesnt last very long before the shooting is too spaced out to do anything. sure its super powerful but it doesnt last long enough to take care of the mass build up of alien bugs.
id like to see a sequal of some sort just fix those two things.


This is pretty fun, I have to say. The atmosphere is great, the graphics are awesome and the sound is just wonderful (God those bugs creep me out). Unfortunately, it gets FAR too difficult too quickly. The hoards are MASSIVE and everything takes so much damage. The upgrades help, but it's still hard to fight them off because they take so much damage and move so fast.

If the point was it to be hard, congrats, it is. The atmosphere and design are stellar, but it's too difficult to completely enjoy. I think a sequel should be made, but with a few balance tweaks.


WOOOT I PWN THIS GAME! the only problem wuz that it became suuuper haaard in lvl 10.


This was actually a REALLY good game! But! (and this is a biiiig but) It is far... to... hard. I expect to be coping at level 10, but the hordes of aliens just got too big. It was good that you could upgrade, but they weren't helpful enough. The assault rifle should be able to take down the bigger crawly things well, but it was very hard. The mounted gun on the Mothership overheated too quickly to be able to deal with the masses of enemies. If you're making a sequel, make it a bit more... player-friendly. Nice job though :)