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Reviews for "Francis Hates Everything"


0_0 I never noticed how often Francis decides he hates something... Intriguing. As far as his hatred of Ayn Rand (In response to a giant statue of Atlas if memory serves) you'd probably hate her too if you ever read Atlas Shrugged...
Well done easily navigable soundboard of a humorous nature... That said, not so much a joke as an observation, funny though it be.

Hates water too, >_<

Eh. Could be better

Eh. It's good but it's not good if you know what I'm saying. If you can get more sounds up, It could be really good. But for now, it's just... something.
To everybody else: It's a soundboard. There's not supposed to be point to them.


I really don't see the point. Go play the game though it is awesome.

lol, funny..

Pretty funny, but short and pointless :(

Oh..!!! gotya

I hate the Water! (the best º_º)

...like accepting it I'll vote 8/10 3/5
...it's ok, I understand the idea...
and maybe for someone, it'll be useful, and for others, funny, I guess..

good work on it..
Y'no what, I don't hate? this..