Reviews for "Mouse Survival"

Wow! cool game!

The game is really addicting and fun and I got up to level 7 on my first try!

yeah,,, a little bit too fast startin from level6.

however.. i only got up to level7 at my 1st try... it is kinda fun avoiding those "meteor-like ball" flying here and there... cool game...


haha i had fun playing this game, well done, :) a leaderboard maybe would have made this better :p unless there is ont i dont no, i havent checked :) lol thanks

Simple, but good

the keyword here is "simple".
simple graphics, simple gameplay, simple idea, simple music

but simple in a good way

btw I think i got brain cancer from this LOL

Well done

Nice game, but it is too simple, maybe add achievements or another modes to play.