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Reviews for "TRON"


This game has so much potential! I wish the graphics were more stylistically thought out, the grid is way too small, and I think there should be a countdown to the game before it starts. The game's called TRON and I want to see more TRON elements! Still reallyyyy fun though, and does remind me of tron, so an 8!

Great game

Great game, but the lines still cross at very fast.

An dthe map is only large if you play on normal. at very fast is a barely "fair" game.


Tron's the best! Good job on recreating the famous light cycle chase
My only complaints are:
You told the controls wrong
Map is too large


I love tron, just watched the tron film and the trailer for number 2 so obviously i had to play the game :) epic, you should create different modes. I think an good idea would be that the light fades after a few seconds so it puts more skill into taking out your opponent head to hear rather than trapping them. but epic job :)

Pretty good

But there's still ines crossing each other...usually when two tanks go head to head. A fix would be appreciated.

Nice job on the preloader, by the way.