Reviews for "locoroco flash minigame"


ive decided to buy that game becuase of you. thanks for showing me how totally awesome it is.

kerb responds:

cool that our game inspired you to get the real thing. seriously - if you liked this little version then the real thing will blow you away. it is insane. there were some worlds on the PSP game that we didn't feature as we wanted to keep it upbeat - but there is one called Nightmare i think which is just nuts.


Addictive as hell, and hell is very addictive!

love it

love locoroco and this


It was very hard the first time. Because I thought that the arrow button in the intro would just go to the next hint, I never learned how jumping worked. Once I actually watched the whole thing, it made a lot of sense. Fun game, a decent challenge, unique controls and style. Mad skills. The last game system I owned was a Super Nintendo, soooo.... I don't know anything about this DS game, but this version is excellent.


This is a cute game. Well done with nice graphics, cool sounds, and a challenge to play!

Yarr!! Keep up the good work!