Reviews for "locoroco flash minigame"


you sir are a good programmer. i have to ask. did you do this or did you get this of the computer versoin and justcopy the files... if you didnt you are great. i have the loco roco 1 game for my PSP and it is amazing, such as this :). i actually never thought there will be a purple loco roco. you made this game exactly like the one for the consle. you sir have blessd me with this masterpeice of fine talent and i thank you in your honor


Lolz i remember playing this on my psp its really funny :D,also one of the nicest psp games with great laws of physics side winding kinda KICK Ass ACTION!(of roconess)

great idea and rly fun

but the songs are on drugs o_O

Brillanly creative

A loco roco emulator.
A clever and awesome idea.
The lanscape design is exceptionally great.
And the music is catchy although somewhat annoying.
And the physics are sweet and frustrating.
This game may have been short. But it's still an experience worth playing.


its going into my faves :D
i wanna buy one but i dont have a psp...