Reviews for "locoroco flash minigame"


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I really really like the attention to detail in terms of similarity to the first game, but i found that three times in a row i was unable to jump, which was incredibly frustrating, and prevented me from beating all but the first level (in which i was able to jump). I have played through the original multiple times and it was always a favorite of mine, and i was very disappointed to run into glitches with the core gameplay here.

really cute but..

it's too difficult on computer!


Wow this was a brilliant game and this is the first that i seen with this type of "ENGINE" you didnt just make something simple but you added lots of depth to it, you really outdid yourself here and for that i add this game to my faves list and i will for sure look at more of your work

Hmmm this was brilliant what can be said, if anything is said at all it would be too add more hill;s and cliffs to "BOUNCE" off of

A great game and a brilliant idea