Reviews for "locoroco flash minigame"

what the beeeeeeeep...

was that...

thats horrible, the controls r rubbish, this game is poo, n im suprised its made it into a proper game... i dont even think id like this game when im drunk... whats the deal with the jump? do u have to jump left n right? cos it dusnt jump if u press up on its own

wow, either love it or hate it eh?

the classic psp game for flash, fun stuff. just to let everyone know who don't this is one of the best received psp games of all time. a must have if you can find it (saw a copy in New York recently nowhere local though). it is available for download at the psStore. used value actually went up after release. cute and works great. nice job.

I was thinkig og buying this

Yes i was thinking of buying this, it didnt look that goaod but i may have till baught it. Now that ive played this peice of crap i relise its a hole lot worse


it feels EXACTLY like the psp version... but without the handheld it doesnt feel the same. good work but not for me.

Finnaly something about loco roco! 5/5 10/10

i find it now hard or easy because i played the first one sooo much on my psp :D