Reviews for "locoroco flash minigame"


this is a good game i would say, not the best though, 7/10.could use some work on controls, *cough jump button cough*


Fast load. It's a well-known game. Dude, this game is completely awesome. If the controls were more simple.... 9/10, 5/5.

love it

also thanks for the link and i will buy it

really fun but...

ill give u a 7 cuz it was fun and creative but it didnt have much of a um um how du u call it?? it kinda got boring fast

need work

im srry but the controls were terible the only resaon it got a 7 was because of the music and the games potential but the controls made it pain in the @%$ so if u make another dont make the screen tilt when u move that was the majer problem the damn screen made everything so confusing.