Reviews for "locoroco flash minigame"

Put me off the game a bit...

I liked it and all, but I've gone from really wanting to buy the game to being pretty indifferent. I've never played LocoRoco so I didn't know what it was really like, but now I know. Just not my kind of game (Me and my Katamari is though, oddly lol)


Good and abnormally cute, brings a smile to my face. I didn't find the controls that annoying, the only hard part was to Time the jump correctly.

Fun time-disposal.

.. But I couldn't escape the feeling of being somewhat Off the world in more than just knowing that it's a game.


was good i have locoroco 1 on the psp so like that and this asw well good replica for computer

right on

i enjoed it .not really my type of game but it was pretty awsome even though i suxked at it music was wierd but it matches the setting pretty proffesional though i voted u a five and keep up the gd work

loved it but....

trouble in paradise, i hate the fact that you need to press them both at once!!!