Reviews for "Thxgiving"

Oh shit, a turkey riding a taking ahh...

The way you made the turkey look all sad, was really touching I must say. But a turkey killing himself because people don't appreciate Thanksgiving where he & much of his kind are killed in mass...hmm it makes so little sense that it has to be hilarious haha!

As for the movie itself. The art could be improved a bit and the music was perfect.

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True and true :).

I still care.

Thxgiving rocks. It really does.

But yeah, it seems as thought everybody is blatantly forgetting Thxgiving's existence and moving right along to Christmas & co.

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looks like mr. Groundhog will soon have...

..a roommate. I know everyone hates/don't care groundhog day (aka my birthday) not like thanksgiving. but with candy and gifts squishing thanksgiving off the USA* calendar, it's doomed to live like the groundhog. I like Christmas but i keep thinking they go on so early. 2008 Nov 12, 2009 Nov 9, 2010 Nov 5 then 2011 BANG OCT 31.

great movie with a point
10/10 + 5/5

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You never find Thanksgiving stuff at stores anymore. I tried to look for some decorative stuff for Thanksgiving dinner, only to find nothing but Christmas stuff. It is sad...:(

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Yes it makes a lot of sense

No one cares that much about thanks giving at all i mean yeah the pilgrims came and a had a feast, but that was still important in a way wasn't it?That proves that the next generation of man kind is losing interest in the past.

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Ya rly.