Reviews for "Kingdom Hearts Anime pt4"

Interesting Idea!

I remember reading this in the Kingdom Hearts Manga! good job!

cobra0528 responds:


Nice job! And I appreciate that you're making em.

They're pretty detailed, and I don't really want to play the game, so thanks for making a series for it, so that I could watch! :P
I've watched every one of them so far, and I recommended it for the anime collection(I don't know what else fits :S)
Keep making these movies! :D

cobra0528 responds:

Thank you


I'm amazed how the series has evolved since it was delayed, you did some good voice acting and use of audio. You had a decent amount of detail, But the color shading was a bit amaturish and the the frame rate was a bit rough aside from the fighting and talking, but I'm not sure what your skill with flash is, so I apologize if your not a master. But this is still an amazing and somwhat unqiue series you made here.

I saw your summary a few minutes before I wrote this, it sucks your not finishing the series, I hope you reconsider someday.


cobra0528 responds:

Thank you very much for the review. And I am in no way a master. As of now I am working towards the point of "masterful." I know that it was amateur shading, but I am glad I did not put that effort into this because I believe that it would have still gotten a low score. I hope you stick around to watch my future animations. I am going to go post a bulletin saying what is upcoming for me so check it out. thanks again.

Much more better

Its gettin there. Still have to emphisise on how it skips a bit BUT it IS gettin there.

cobra0528 responds:

Well sadly it will not get any further. As for the skipping, if you take a look at the manga you will see that I didn't really have a lot to work with. Thanks!


Did you draw it all, or was it in the computer?

And cashmaker, 358 sucked. It wasn't worth repairing my DS at all.