Reviews for "Kingdom Hearts Anime pt4"


Dude, it's a shame your stopping this series, but time must be hard to manage so I understand =/. But! At least I can enjoy the chapters you've made, and finish playing the game ^-^, maybe in the future you could finish? =) It would be appreciated.
Much love, and great work! =)

cobra0528 responds:

I hope one day I can find the time. Thanks!

Great version of the manga

It a very good series but in the future try to get more voices for the roles

cobra0528 responds:

Assuming I ever continue...

nice but

its an awsome seires its to bad ur not finishing its like watching a RILLY good movie and u dont watch the last 15 minutes of it so u never find out wut rilly happens >< i never played kindom hearts and thought id find out about it watching this to bad ><

cobra0528 responds:

Haha...that is similar. Thanks

Great job

it is nice to see someone take pride with what they do but are you going to finish in the near future?

cobra0528 responds:

I doubt it

Highly enjoyable series!

Great work. I enjoyed the humor and action scenes...sounds and graphics were good, too.

Would be nice if you can finish the series, though.

cobra0528 responds:

Thank you...and sorry about not finishing