Reviews for "Kingdom Hearts Anime pt4"


This is awsome i cant wait till a new 1

new one!

continue. you did a really good job with it


:D this is very good! I hope in the (hopefully near) future you can continue ^-^ Iknow you are really busy and sometimes it's hard to get everything going at once, I understand, but when or if you find time where you're just bored or yeah, then maybe you can continue. ^-^ Just note that people will miss this funny funny series v.v
:D I played the games and thought I might've liked this. and well I just said what i thought about it ^^;

i'll be waiting for ya :3

Great as always

I just am now seeing this(I was a bit late with the last installment) and all I have to say is that you captured everything very well.

I hope to see more from you soon, and I've actually been debating on picking up the manga for Kingdom Hearts from my local bookstore to see stuff I've missed and whatnot as far as the story goes.

But yeah, cant wait to see another from you hopefully!


well it sucks how you're not gonna finish it.
Also, is this a parody cause this one is funnier than the other three combined!